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Dry Cooling Towers


Dry Cooling Towers - Description

We fabricate a wide range of Dry Cooling Tower, which are also known as heat removal device. This cooling tower is used to transfer process waste heat to the atmosphere.Our range of dry cooling tower comprises following important features:

  • No water consumption

  • Avoid water related scaling problem

  • Eliminate deterioration of tower

  • Long Working Life

Technical Functions

  • Warm water from the heat source is pumped to the water distribution system at the top of the tower

  • Water is distributed over the wet deck fill by means of large orifice holes of Spray nozzles

  • air is drawn in through the air inlet louvers at the base of the tower and travels upward through the wet deck fill opposite the tower flow

  • A small portion of the water is evaporated which removes the heat from the remaining water

  • Warm moist air is drawn to the top of the cooling tower by the fan and discharged to the atmosphere

  • Cool water drains to the basin at the bottom of the tower and is returned to the heat source


  • Air compressors

  • A/C plant & cold rooms

  • Plastic injectin moulding m/c and Blow moulding M/c

  • Aluminium die casting m/c

  • Glass Mfg. Plant

  • Dairy and food processing industries

  • Chemical industries

  • Distilleries and Breweries plants

  • Gensets & Megawatt Projects

  • Herbal, Aromatics & extraction plants

  • Industries heat process

  • PVC pipes mfg.plant

  • Soap / Cosmetic mfg. industries

  • Oil refineries

  • Steel factory and foundry